January 2016

JMBEC was called to site to urgently sample suspected pipe lagging in the boiler room of 22 Roslyn Gardens, Elizabeth Bay.  3 linear metres of condition friable asbestos pipe lagging was found to be present in the basement boiler room, and 0.25m was also discovered in the upper cupboard of the adjoining studio apartment.



Removal of the material under controlled conditions, followed by a thorough environmental clean of the areas was recommended.  JMBEC was engaged to contact suitably licensed contractors (Class A) to quote on removal of the material.  Costs and paper work were reviewed and submitted to the client, CTS Pty Ltd.  We then managed the successful contractor throughout the job, conducting enclosure checks, and continuous control air monitoring.



Following satisfactory visual clearances of the areas, clearance air monitoring was then conducted within the enclosures, and the site dismantled and the areas handed back to the strata of the building following satisfactory results.



All fibre counting was conducted in JMBEC’s NATA accredited lab, and air monitoring reports were issued the same day.