$600bn Infrastructure Spend = Occ Hygiene Demand

Australia’s cities are straining under the weight of the country’s rapid population growth, with a major audit finding that $600bn in new spending is needed to keep pace with demand over the next 15 years. Current annual infrastructure spending is at historically high levels of ~$40bn p.a.

Joining calls from the Reserve Bank governor for the Coalition to prioritise spending on infrastructure, the head of Infrastructure Australia, Romilly Madew, says an audit undertaken by her agency has highlighted the need for significant government investment.

“On the infrastructure priority list there are already 103 initiatives sitting there that have been identified by the states and territories, and that means there is a pipeline of infrastructure that has been identified that could go,” Madew said.

JMB Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd has an extremely talented and experienced Occ Hygiene delivery team, which has partnered on major rail and road infrastructure projects with tier one and tier two contractors. With the Gladys Berejiklian Government of NSW having approved ~$100bn of infrastructure projects, we are seeing demand for our services increasing and hence the outcome desired from the Government; new job creation.

Respirable dust and respirable silica dust extraction and/or suppression along with dust monitoring are at the forefront of all #safety drivers for large projects. Contractors are utilising dynamic and innovative solutions to adhere to the number one objective of the hierarchy of controls; elimination of the risk.

Progress through education !

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