Many of the high risk concerns and hazards from Sydney, and the wider NSW regions heavy rains and flooding only surface after the events have taken place.

Mould growth to building contents and building materials is just one of these concerns.

JMB Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd Director James Breslin knows this all too well. Having worked in the indoor environmental services industry for almost 20 years, James’ home, located in the Sutherland shire area, was hit with flooding and roof leaks caused by the recent heavy rains.

The water ingress in his home has caused damage to contents and building materials. Already heavy and significant mould growth has been identified to nonporous items and building materials throughout the lower ground floor and garage of his property.

James is now waiting for an independent hygienist to verify his findings, and enable the remediation contractor to work off the correct scope.

If you have concerns about mould or moisture within your property, or would like to speak to a hygienist or Indoor Environment Professional (IEP), please get in touch by emailing or calling 02 8339 0312.


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