Sydney’s rain and humidity triggers outbreak of mould in residences across the city

Recent heavy rainfall and elevated humidity levels have caused a number of mould issues inside homes across Sydney’s suburbs.

The wettest March in almost 50 years has created ideal conditions for mould growth, with roof leaks, water ingress and rising damp causing outbreaks of mould, damaging homes and adversely affecting the health and well being of building occupants.

Mould from infested building materials such as timbers and plasterboard may become airborne, where the spores can affect the health of susceptible people or people with compromised immune systems, causing allergic reactions and asthma like symptoms.

If you suspect mould growth inside your house or apartment, it is essential to get an assessment by a professional, who will look at the ventilation within your property, and assess the air quality.

JMB Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd has over 20 years combined experience assessing residences and commercial buildings for mould.  Please contact us on if you wish to discuss a mould issue.

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