Property losses caused by storms and flooding along the east coast has declared another weather-related catastrophe by The Insurance Council of Australia.
It is the sixth catastrophe declared in five months after a summer of raging bushfires and storms.
Since February 5 storms have flooded southeast Queensland, NSW coastal regions and caused damage several hundred kilometres inland, and in the ACT.
By 7am on the morning of 11/02/20202, insurers had received 10,000 claims estimated to be worth $45 million, the ICA said.
Many of the hazards presented by storm damage and floodwaters do not present themselves until well after the immediate risks have reduced, and water levels have subsided.
If wet buildings are not remediated correctly, Mould and other harmful microbes can proliferate within homes and commercial properties, causing significant damage to building materials and also to the health of building occupants.
If you have concerns about mould or moisture within your property, please get in touch by emailing info@jmbec.com.au or calling 02 8339 0312.
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