365 Emergency Taskforce – Water Damage Post Remediation Verification

JMBEC has been heavily involved in conducting Post Remediation Verification (PRV) assessment works following the devastating floods in Townsville, QLD.  Both commercial and Residential properties were affected by the devastating floods, leaving behind a wake of mould and sewage contamination.

The purpose of a PRV is to determine the success of  remediation efforts inside of existing containment areas, and to ensure the areas are safe for reoccupation.

A PRV (essentially a clearance) includes a visual inspection and moisture assessment of the construction materials that fall under the scope of the remediation work.  These assessments are coupled with air and surface mould testing, and surface sampling for bacteria associated with blackwater from inside the remediation work area. This is necessary to properly assess whether or not the remediation has successful.  JMBECs in house laboratory services help expedite results and turn PRV reports around in super quick time.

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