Just another day in the mountains. Nothing to see here!

Working for the Blue Mountains City Council on their hygiene panel has given our site team the chance to work in some amazing environments. It’s one of the best things about working in the asbestos industry in this great country.

Recently we assisted in managing the safe removal of illegally dumped asbestos from various sites in Hat Hill, Blackheath. We provided daily air monitoring to ensure controls were satisfactory, and periodic clearances to open up areas for re-occupancy.

Despite the NSW government working on reforms to reduce illegal asbestos dumping, it is still a major problem throughout the state.

Aligning ourself with clients who share the same values also is key to keeping a great vibe up at JMB. Jason and his hazardous materials team at BMCC are a pleasure to work with as they always go above and beyond, and understand what needs to be done from a risk-based perspective.

Surrounding yourself with like minded clients is no different to surrounding yourself with a great team (both at work and home). Spend your days with good people, people!


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