Government Agency Building – Mould Remediation Management Services

JMB was recently engaged by a major government agency to identify mould and moisture at one of their regional properties and to subsequently manage the remediation process.

The initial inspection found a number of areas identifying a moderate risk of mould exposure to building occupants.  The cause of the mould was isolated to previously fixed roof leaks and inadequate ventilation.

Following our inspection and report, JMB prepared a thorough Mould Remediation Control Plan (MRCP).  The document provided details such as containment set up, number of air changes, transit routes for waste, correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) etc, plus highlighting the process of remediation that would lead to successful Post Remediation Verification (PRV) at the property

The MRCP was successfully delivered to the contractor engaged to undertake the works. Due to the location of the property, and the time pressures due to the property needing to be reopened on a specific date, JMB set up a field laboratory on-site to analyse samples associated with the PRV immediately.  The project was successfully delivered on time and on budget.If you suspect that you have a mould and moisture issue, contact JMB Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd and we can send out an experienced indoor environment professional to assess your property, quantify and risk assess the mould to surfaces and in the air, and identify potential causes to assist with rectifying the problem. Alternatively, our in house EmPAT accredited mould laboratory can provide analysis for your mould sampling needs.You can contact us on or 02 8339 0312.

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