High Force was recently conducting some minor works on one of their assets and contacted us to conduct a targeted refurbishment survey. Despite the remote (and beautiful) location of the property and the minor status of the proposed works, they understood the risks associated with potentially hidden asbestos and chose the right course of action.

As it turns out, we identified some asbestos containing adhesive to the thermoplastic skirting trim throughout the facility that was not identified in the management survey. Without this type of inspection, this material may have been unknowingly disturbed during their proposed works, unnecessarily exposing workers and building occupants to asbestos fibres.

Our survey and subsequent report enabled High Force to create a work around so that the material could be left in-situ and undisturbed.

Why is it that many PCBUs in Australia do not know this, and believe a management survey is all that is required?

Is our current legislative guidance and code of practice clear enough?

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