Bloc Constructions (ACT) Pty Ltd – Interim Post Remediation Verification

JMB Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd was engaged by Bloc Constructions (ACT) Pty Ltd to conduct an interim post-remediation verification (PRV) inspection within the basements of the Alexander and Albemarle apartments buildings in Woden ACT 2606.

The apartment building basements were subject to flooding following heavy rain. Subsequently, high humidity and the lack of sunlight created perfect conditions for mould growth which circulated throughout. Those areas were then remediated and all water ingress issues amended.

Cleaning in many areas was found to be good – JMBEC found that some areas still had microbial contamination and water ingress issues and so further remediation is required in this area. PRV are essential as they determine if further remediation is required or the remedial works have been completed to a safe standard for occupants to reoccupy the space. Interim PRVs, such as this one organised by Bloc are a great way to identify if your remediation project is on track.

Ensure your projects are safe for your occupants.

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