City of Sydney / Chippendale / Preliminary Site Investigation

To assist the City of Sydney Council with their development application procedures JMBEC was engaged to complete a preliminary investigation of a park site to in order to understand the in-ground contaminants and to identify if they will impact on future works.

The park site, with adjoining public toilet building, is located in the triangle of land between Wattle Street and Broadway, Chippendale. It is scheduled to be redeveloped to remove the building and expand the existing gardens for public use.

JMBEC’s scope was to prepare a preliminary site investigation (PSI, or Sage 1 / Phase 1) with limited sampling around the building to determine the extent of the impacts from the deteriorated lead-based paints (JMBEC had previously undertaken a pre-demolition hazardous materials survey of the former public toilet building positioned in the centre of the site which identified deteriorating lead-based paint systems applied to the external walls and on the ground surfaces surrounding the building), and to identify if there were any other contaminants of concern present that would impact on the proposed park redevelopment. The preliminary assessment comprised of a desktop review of historical information, and EPA contaminated lands lists and regional geology. Additionally the council requested samples were collected from targeted locations on the site. Samples were collected from boreholes advanced by hand auger.

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