Spotless LAHC – Clandestine Drug Laboratory Investigation

JMB Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd (JMBEC) conducted a Preliminary Contamination Assessment in Newtown, Sydney following the discovery of a clandestine laboratory.

The site comprised a small two-bedroom unit where police had conducted an operation after the discovery of equipment and chemicals used in the manufacture of illicit drugs.

The site was attended by JMB Occupational Hygienists to determine the level and nature of contamination and assess the exposure risk against recommended national Standards and guidelines.

Targeted sampling was conducted throughout the unit in accordance with the requirements of the NSW Remediation Guidelines for Clandestine Drug Laboratories and Hydroponic Drug Plantations. Samples were analysed for a range of contaminants. Based on the findings of the preliminary assessment, a Remediation Action Plan was developed for the site. Further information can be found here.

The property is currently scheduled for remediation. JMBEC will oversee the decontamination process and conduct validation sampling at the completion of the works. Once determined that the remediation has been conducted to an acceptable standard a Clearance Notification will be issued deeming the property safe to re-occupy.

For more information on clandestine drug laboratory hazards, take a look at the NSW Health guideline, available here. Alternatively, If you want to engage with one of JMB Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd’s occupational hygienists, please call us on 02 8339 0312, or email us on

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