Environmental Lab Testing Sydney

As a progressive asbestos and hazardous materials consultancy, an in-house NATA accredited laboratory was a natural development. Our laboratory first gained recognition as meeting Australian and international standards via NATA accreditation in Sydney in 2015. Our Canberra lab followed suit, becoming a NATA accredited facility in 2016, and both laboratories have been trading separately as Hazmat Labs since 2020.

We now provide a comprehensive asbestos testing and mould testing services with our asbestos and mould lab services fielding; 

    • Asbestos in Air / Fibres in air
    • Asbestos ID in building materials (e.g. asbestos cement [Fibro], thermal insulations, gaskets, seals etc etc.),
    • Asbestos Identification in soils, including if required NEPM / WA Soil analytic processes for asbestos in soils,
    • Mould ID airborne spore and particulate concentrations – spore traps (Allergenco-D, Micro-5, Air-o-cell, Versa Trap etc.),
    • Mould ID to surfaces – mould growth structures on adhesive tape lift (e.g. bio-tapes, mold tape slides) and  
    • Environmental swab testing for viable (cultured) sample analysis across a range of common microbial analytes that require rapid enumeration.

In relation to our asbestos and mould ID services, these analytical services commonly require analysis on site to allow for clearance following remediation and reduce down time for high cost construction projects or other time critical facilities, therefore our NATA accredited mobile laboratory vehicles provide this sector with mobile consulting laboratory services it demands.

Our services are now available to the wider consulting industry and we aim to provide accurate and quick feedback to consultants. These goals to provide rapid return of results and quality of product drive our laboratories scope and we are always looking how best to provide consultancy services with further analytical tools they need to make quick, accurate decisions.

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More Detailed Lab Services

  • Identification of Asbestos in Bulk, Soil and Dust samples by Polarised Light Microscopy (PLM) – AS 4964 (NATA/IANZ)
  • Asbestos Fibre Counting by Phase Contrast Microscopy – NOHSC:3003 (NATA/IANZ)
  • Soil Asbestos Analysis conducted in accordance with National Environmental Protection Measure (NEPM) and WA Asbestos in Soils Gravimetric Assessment Method.
  • Air Volume control measurement (NATA accredited – Sampling flow rate and duration measurement)
Non-Viable (Non-culturable)
  • ​​EmPAT certified analysts for direct mould ID undertaken in accordance with ASTM methods for Spore trap cassettes
  • EmPAT certified analysts for direct mould ID undertaken in accordance with ASTM methods for tape lifts.
Viable (Culturable) Dry plate swabs and analysis for:
  • E. Coli / Total Coliforms – Presence / Absence (Black water / Sewage contamination surface assessment and post remediation verification)
  • Bacterial Total Plate Count (IAQ assessment, janitorial audit)
  • Yeast and Mouild Total Plate Count (IAQ assessments, mould and moisture assessments and post remediation verifications) – Rapid plate available for 2-3 day turn around.
  • Enterococci (water borne human faecal matter indicator – sewage leaks)
  • Environmental Staph Aureus (janitorial audit, food preparation areas contamination)
  • Others are available upon request, please consult Compact Dry range for rapid microbial enumeration – https://hardydiagnostics.com/compactdry/
Liquid nutrient media (Agar growth media) plate counts for:
  • Environmental settle plates / impactor plate samples – Mould – Total plate count
  • Environmental settle plates / impactor plate samples – Bacteria – Total plate count

Accredited Field Labs

We also have NATA accredited mobile laboratories which enable us to be reactive and effective in emergency situations and regional areas.
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Accreditations and Proficiencies

At Hazmat Labs we recognise that accreditation and externally validated quality assurance programs ensure confidence in results that are consistent and qualified.

Accreditation of our analysis suites by professional bodies is an important component of our quality assurance framework. It also shows a greater understanding of the subject matter.

Maintaining accreditation requires thorough and dynamic quality systems. These include following in-house quality control programs and procedures, and the training and formal approval of laboratory and field staff through external proficiency programs.

Hazmat Labs follows ISO17025 processes accredited by NATA for its volume control, and asbestos laboratory services and is soon to add its mould ID to these services, and is currently under audit.

The viable mould analytical processes we utilise are not yet NATA accredited, however, the processes used are AOAC and/or Nordval/Micro Val certified and the dry plates/swabs produced in an ISO accredited facility.