The Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing (EMPAT) Program is a performance evaluation program, sponsored by the AIHA Proficiency Analytical Testing Programs (PAT Programs), for environmental microbiology laboratories.

HAZMAT LABS have been participating in this program for the past couple of years, and has achieved competncy on every round.

The program was developed for microbiology laboratories specialising in analysis for microorganisms commonly detected in air, fluids and bulk samples collected from schools, offices, hospitals, industrial, agricultural, and other work environments.

The EMPAT Culture program is targeted towards laboratories that specialize in culturing and identifying bacteria and fungi found in these environments. The EMPAT Direct Exam program is targeted towards participants analyzing fungal spores by light microscopy. Participating in the Direct Exam program enables participants primarily performing spore trap analysis to establish proficiency and improve performance in the microscopic analysis of environmental samples.

Please contact the lab on lab@jmbec.com.au or 02 8339 0312 if you wish to discuss any of our analysis suites.

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