JMB Environmental Consulting has created a free water damage fact sheet for you to download here.

The ingress of water during recent heavy rains and flooding has caused widespread water damage to residential and commercial properties across Sydney, and the wider NSW coast.

Rain pouring in through roof leaks and flooding in at ground level can cause mould and bacterial problems, leading to significant damage to building materials, and also adversely affecting the health of building occupants.

There are a number of parties involved in water damage claims, from insurance companies and loss adjusters, to remediation contractors, and the process can be confusing.

It is essential to contact a hygienist or Indoor Environment Professional (IEP) and get the correct assessments done early.  This will ensure the extent of damage and type of contamination is correctly identified, and of course risk assessed to ensure building occupant safety.  A good mould an moisture assessment can be used to create a site specific Mould Remediation Control Plan (MRCP) to ensure remedial works are carried out quickly and effectively.

Our fact sheet will help property owners ensure the correct work flow is established in order to mitigate the risks associated with wet weather catastrophes, and the subsequent mould and moisture issues.

If you have concerns about mould or moisture within your property, or would like to speak to a hygienist or Indoor Environment Professional (IEP), please get in touch by emailing or calling 02 8339 0312.
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