A Sydney family was forced out of their home late last month due to ongoing mould issues.

Earlier this year, the whole family was diagnosed by their doctor with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), otherwise known as toxic mould syndrome. The little-known and controversial health condition was examined during a bipartisan parliamentary inquiry last year into bio-toxin related illnesses.

While the family had only recently begun to realise the full and devastating impact the mouldy home was having on their health, they had been trying to get the Department of Communities and Justice to fix the issue for years, Mr Aminovs said.
The walls and ceilings of the property were black with mould when the family first hired a professional to inspect the house in 2016, he said. “He reported that there was excessive mould growth. It was obvious. All of our house was black at the time,” Mr Aminovs said. The building report showed the sub-floor of the property was contaminated with the fungus aspergillus, and significant remediation works were needed to make the house habitable.
Unfortunately, mould issues are commonplace in homes across Australia.  Water ingress issues,  elevated moisture content due to living practices and poor ventilation in homes and workplaces create conditions conducive to mould growth.  Subsequently, mould spores can then become airborne where they can adversely affect the building occupants.
If you suspect that you have a mould and moisture issue, contact JMB Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd and we can send out an experienced indoor environment professional to assess your property, quantify and risk assess the mould to surfaces and in the air, and identify potential causes to assist with rectifying the problem.
You can contact us on or 02 8339 0312.
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