Bay Building Services – Mould and Moisture Assessment

JMB Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd was engaged by Bay Building Services to conduct a mould and moisture assessment within the bedrooms and sub-floor in a property in Elanora Heights NSW 2101.

The sub-floor of the residential property was subject to flooding following a damaged water pipe to the side of the property that flowed inwards. Subsequently, high humidity and the lack of sunlight under the property can create perfect conditions for mould growth which is a concern for occupants within the property. Airborne and surface mould samples were taken throughout the bedrooms and sub-floor.

JMBEC found that some areas had microbial contamination and water ingress issues. Recommended remediation in those affected areas. Mould and moisture investigations are essential as they determine the extent of microbial contamination and water ingress issues within an area/property.

Ensure your projects/properties are safe for your occupants.

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